Meet the Maker

Soft Fire Ceramics is a small-batch ceramics studio in Caledon, Ontario. I handcraft simple functional ceramics, primarily on the potters wheel, with some occasional hand-building or slab forms. 



Meet the Maker of Soft Fire Ceramics Jacqui Liberty

I took my first pottery workshop over 10 years ago as something fun to do outside of completing my Masters degree. Although I worked in Public Health full time I kept returning to pottery over the years, eventually joining a local potters guild. It was there where I really started putting hours into making things.

Carved greenware vase

In 2020 we put a small pottery studio in our house just before the COVID pandemic began. At that point I was home with my 2 year old twins, and decided that I would venture out of my comfort zone and try to become a full-time potter.

My design philosophy is to keep things simple and understated. Less is more. Natural materials never go out of style, which is why I try incorporate earthy unglazed clay in many of my designs. My hope with this approach is that you will be able to appreciate and enjoy your handmade pottery for a long time.
Thank you for stopping by and reading my story! I invite you to look around, and hopefully find a piece that resonates with you. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to send me a message!