Adult 4-week Learn to Throw on the Potters Wheel (June 2024)
Adult 4-week Learn to Throw on the Potters Wheel (June 2024)

Adult 4-week Learn to Throw on the Potters Wheel (June 2024)

Learn the meditative art of creating on the potters wheel! 

There’s something magical that happens when we take time to slow down and create. Come and enjoy one of the oldest art forms as we learn the essentials of working with clay.

This series is suitable for absolute beginners and those with some experience looking for additional instruction to level-up their fundamental throwing skills.

All materials and tools are provided. 

Classes will be held in our beautiful arts wellness studio in Alton Ontario. The address and additional details will be sent to registrants the week prior to the class start date.

Please note that the class is for adults aged 18 and older. (Youth aged 14 and over will be accepted only if accompanied by an adult).


Minimum class sizes:

We require a minimum of 4 participants to register for each class. If we do not reach the minimum number of participants, the class will be cancelled. You will receive a full refund if your series is cancelled.

Missed classes:

Unfortunately we do not offer make-up classes or refunds for missed classes.

Cancelled classes:

If a class needs to be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances (i.e. instructor illness) a make-up class will be offered.


By purchasing and registering for this class you acknowledge that there are inherent risks involved with pottery and you acknowledge that you will be exposed to these risks. These can include but are not limited to the risk of strain or injury from working with heavy machinery and fast moving parts, risk of falls due to spills and slippery surfaces, risk of injury from lifting heavy objects, risk of inhaling clay dust which can be damaging to your lungs, and exposure to chemicals in glazes which may cause skin, lung, or eye irritation. We will review safety protocols to prevent and avoid injury, but will not be held responsible for misuse of anything within the studio or inability to follow or listen to instructions. For your safety you will be asked to wear closed toe, non-slip shoes and tie any long hair back in a bun.

Picking-up your finished pieces:

You will receive an email 4-5 weeks after your final class once all pieces have been through their final kiln firing and are ready to pick-up. You will have 30 days from this notice to come and pick up your finished pieces.

Please note that due to the nature of working with clay we cannot guarantee that all of your pieces will “survive”. Unfortunately we can’t be responsible for pieces which break or crack during the making or firing process. But we are pretty certain that you will finish this series with a new (or renewed) love of working with clay.

General course outline:

Week 1: Working with clay

During week one you will start to understand the cyclical stages clay moves through as it transforms from a wet mass to a finished piece. You will learn how to prepare clay for throwing on the wheel, how to centre clay, and how to “pull” a wall. Small class sizes allow for lots of trouble-shooting and one-on-one support. We will also review studio safety and proper positioning of your body to avoid injury.

Week 2: The reductive art of trimming

We will continue working on our pieces from week 1 in this class. You will learn the art of trimming away excess clay from the bottom of your piece (i.e. establishing a “foot”). Once we’ve trimmed our pieces from the previous week, we will review techniques from week 1 as we create new forms.

Week 3: Handles and Surface Design

In week 3 we will continue exploring form and function, including demonstrations on different foot styles, how to create and add handles to your pieces, and some simple surface design techniques.

Week 4: Glazing

In the final week, you will learn simple techniques to apply glaze to your bisqued pieces. This is the final step to create water-tight and food safe functional pottery. We will discuss considerations for design and overall function and how they relate to glazing.


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